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In this wide world, there are thousands ofamazing architectures. As for myself, my favorite is undoubtedly the GreatWall. Why? That’s simple. The following reasons will sufficiently illustratewhat I say. 

First and foremost, the most self- evident reason why I like the Great Wall so much isbasically because it symbolizes our Chinese’s great intelligence and hard-work.It’s hard to imagine at that time people can build such huge architecture. Evenin modern times, it seems a mission impossible. What’s more, it in some wayimproves the economic development of China because it attracts thousands oftourists around the world. 

Meanwhile, it also helps more foreigners to learnabout the traditional Chinese culture. 

Anyway, I loveGreat Wall. 


Who is the best friend to our human beings? With no further doubts, dogs. For me, dogs are always my friend andcompany. 

The reasons why I am so fascinated with dogscan be best summarized as the followings. As for the very first reason, it isapparently because dog is the most loyal and helpful animal in the world. There are many stories about the dog saving his master in all countries. What’s more,dogs are docile and lovely. It is said that dogs are used to watch doors since the ancient time. And no matter old or young, people all love to keep dogs astheir ideal pets. Nowadays when our friends are becoming less and less, dog canmake your best company. You can imagine what a happy picture it is that a dog shakes its tail and barks to you when you open the door. Anyway, I am so proudto say that I am a dog lover.


Although there are many kinds of subjects, mypriority is PE lesson.

The reasons why Iam so fascinated with PE lesson can be best summarized as the followings. It isquite convincing to say that the most significant reason consists in the fact that it can keep you as fit as a fiddle. From my own perspective, I think health is the most important aspect to our life. By doing some exercises in PElesson, we can not only relax from our heavy study pressure, but also we canhave a perfect figure. What’s more, when we are talking about PE lessons, it is impossible not to mention the spirit of “persistence” which we can learn fromthe games in PE lesson. You know, when we are playing football, everyone tries their best. The truth is that as long as we persist, we will finally win the game no matter how tough it is. 


Have you ever given any thought to what isyour favorite song? I sure did. People’s answer might differ greatly from oneor another. Mine, however, is hero. I’d like to recommend this song to everyone. 

At the very beginning, I’d like to mention the most curious reason why I am so attracted by this song. You know, it tells us a story about confidence and courage. Whenever I am down, I always listen to this song and it will immediately cheer me up. What’s more, I love this kind of music style. I prefer some songs with slow and emotional rhythms because when I am listening, I can think and appreciate the real meaning of the song.Personally, I can’t bear those rock and roll songs. I think they are too noisy.Therefore I will recommend this song to everyone. 


Have you ever given any thought to yourdream? I sure did. People’s answer might differ greatly from one or another.Mine, however, is to become a business man/ woman. 

The reasons why I dream of becoming abusiness man/ woman can be best summarized as the followings. (女版)In the modern world, women are no longerthe subordinates of men. We have our own rights and can achieve our goals asmen do. (男版)You know, my father, agreat man who I admire so much, is a very successful business man and sets anexcellent example for me since I was a child. So I strongly believe that I have the ability to become a successful business woman/ man. But before I realize mydream, I must make full preparations. Now I am planning to study overseas. Ithink it’s the first step to this dream. After my graduation, I will pursue my career in some international companies to gain more experiences. When I thinkmy preparation is done, I will try to set up my own company. I strongly believe that with my ambition, confidence and diligence I will finally realize thisdream. 


You might hesitate about what to choosebefore the bewildered dozens of food. As far as I am concerned, my choice,however, is always dumplings for its uniqueness and charm. I love eatingdumplings, especially ones cooked by my mum. 

As for the very first reason, it is apparently because it is the symbol of Chinese food. It isso amazing that you can learn a lot about the traditional Chinese culturethrough eating dumplings. What’s more, it is because of its flavor. It’s really delicious. Some dumplings are made of pork and beef, and others are made of seafood. You can almost taste all kinds of delicious food through eating dumplings. When we are talking about dumplings, it is impossible not to mentionthat it is also the symbol of reunion in China. So whenever I eat dumplings, Ithink of my family. 


Have you ever given any thought to what isthe greatest invention in the past one hundred years? I sure did. People’sanswer might differ greatly from one or another. Mine, however, is undoubtedlyinternet.

The following reasons will sufficiently illustrate what I say. First and foremost, the most self- evident reason why internet is the greatest invention in the past one hundred years is basicallybecause it does bring us a lot of convenience. For example, in the old time,people sent letters to each other by post office and it always took a longtime. But through the internet we can send E-mails. It’s much faster and more convenient. We can even chat through the net. Apparently, compared withtelephone, it is much cheaper. Besides the reason stated above, another one isof equal importance. We can do shopping and even do business on the internet.Through the internet, we can buy the most fashionable clothes without leaving our house and earn good money with the least cost. 


If anyone asks me what my favorite festival in my country is? With no furtherdoubts, the Spring Festival Day. 

The reasons for my preference of this festival can be best summarized as the followings. As for the very firstreason, it is apparently because it is the symbol of Chinese culture and youcan experience the authentic traditional Chinese culture and happy atmosphereon this day.

What’s more, it is also the day of reunion in China. So wheneverthis day comes, people get together with their family no matter where they are.On this day, children are probably the happiest creatures in the world because can get gifts from their parents and relatives. In order to celebrate thiss pecial moment of the year, people will leave their house and visit their relatives and exchange their best regards on the following days. 


People are usually bewildered by dozens ofcafes/ restaurants. As far as I am concerned, I prefer those cafes/ restaurantswith the following features. 

Firstly, the place must be very bright andfull of light because in this kind of environment, I can read and relax in agood way. Also, the place should not be too noisy, but I can have some softmusic. If the music is too loud, it will interrupt my reading. Only with somesoft music, I can feel quite peaceful in my heart. 




In my country, we have different kinds oftransport means. But the most efficient one is absolutely subway. The first reason is convenience. For example, if your home is far from your work place or school, subway will save you a lot of time because taking buses or taxis alwaysmeets traffic jam. Moreover, subway is also famous for being a cheap transportation form. With subway, you don’t have to buy cars and take taxis. Inthis way, you can save a lot of money. 


My favorite play is Shakespeare’s greatest Romeo and Juliet. It is a love tragedy. In this play, it reveals the greatestlove between the heroes and makes me understand the real meaning of love.What’s more, I also learn from the drama that whatever I do, confidence is undoubtedly the most important thing. If you have confidence, you can conquereverything. At last, I am also impressed with the power of language of Shakespeare. I actually feel the beauty of English. 


National Holiday celebration is one of the greatest political celebrations in my country. In this celebration, thousands of people will gather in the heart of our country- our capital. On this veryday, the president of our country will appear in public and make an encouraging speech. The most advanced military equipment will also be shown on this day.Besides this, ordinary people will hold banquets to celebrate this occasion.














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